End of a "Pierfect" Day

From one bay to another, today takes you across the way to Paradise Bay, Disney California Adventure's premiere body of water.  So what if it's the park's only substantial body of water, it's still where nighttime magic like World of Color happens, and where thrills happen all along the boardwalk.

But the Bay is almost home to moments of peace and tranquility.  Amidst the activity, there are areas of calm, like Ariel's Grotto, providing some relaxation and respite from a flurry of a day.  By the end of the afternoon, Paradise Bay stands at the cusp of its illuminating transformation into a nighttime twinkling wonderland, and that anticipation bears a certain sense of joy for what has already passed during the day, as well as what promises to unfold at night!

Ariel's Grotto casts a smooth reflection off the waters of Paradise Bay!


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