Billy Hill and the Hillbillies

There's a certain innocent and likeable charm, as well as a vivacious energy that fills the room when Billy Hill and the Hillbillies take the stage at the Golden Horseshoe.  This bluegrass and country playing quartet of talented musicians thrill the crowds with their lively stringwork, wry and sarcastic wise-cracks, and fun comedy the whole family can enjoy.

Performing regularly at Disneyland since the early 1990s, these musicians--all named Billy Hill--have been a Frontierland staple for almost as long as I can remember going to Disneyland, and during last week's Monstrous Summer All Nighter event, they played multiple shows both at Big Thunder Ranch and at the Golden Horseshoe.  And even at 4:30 in the morning, they were still going strong.  Always professional, always entertaining!

Billy Hill and the Hillbillies take the stage to must applause.

They start off with a few bluegrass tunes.

They invite a guest to come on stage and sing a little diddy inspired by some of her responses to questions.

One of my favorite bits is when they do "that train thing." Their instruments make locomotive noises!

Dancing, playing, and singing... these are a multi-talented bunch!

The climax of the show comes with an impressive display of dueling teamwork.

How about playing on each other's fiddles to bring the crowd to its feet?!


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