A Portal to Tomorrow

There's no doubt about it, Innoventions is generally a scapegoat for unfulfilled promise.  This former home of the Carousel of Progress continues the technological advancement-minded theme, but as with many past Tomorrowland attractions, typically finds itself immediately surpassed by real life technology.  As a result, it's not all that popular anymore, which is a shame, given the prime piece of real estate it occupies.  In fact, while the rib of Innoventions having a line for the first time ever when the Iron Man Tech exhibit opened was slightly exaggerated, it reflected a lot of truth.

How long this facility stays in its current form is anyone's guess, at least to anyone outside of Walt Disney Imagineering.  The park could certainly stand to see something new and exciting and truly state of the art in this corner.  That said, under the right conditions, it still makes for a fantastic photographic subject.  And that much must be given to the building's credit.

Though Innoventions has seen better days, it still offers nice photographic opportunities.

Going through the archway.

Looking toward Space Mountain from the upper level of Innoventions.
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