A Chevy in Paris

For those who go to Disney California Adventure and enjoy the presence that the Buena Vista Street Packard gives to the area... well, there was a precedent for this.  And it's found at Walt Disney Studios, where a similar automobile from the past serves as a stationary photo op and theming element.  On this day, as I was walking back from the end of the Production Courtyard, I thought the vehicle made a great subject.  Crouching for a low angle really enhanced the drama of the vehicle, providing a grill-eye view and really making the car pop toward the camera.  I like this because of the ambiance, and I hope you do too!

A classic Chevrolet sits parked on the main street of the Production Courtyard.
(To be honest, since Walt Disney Studios shares a vein with Disney Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, I'm not sure if this was derived from its Orlando predecessor.  I don't exactly recall seeing something like this over in Florida, thought it could have been that I didn't look hard enough.)


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