The Buena Vista Packard

There's a very distinctive prop near the entrance to Disney California Adventure. It's a 1937 Packard Coupe, a stylish, sophisticated, elegant American automobile.  The model year reflects the same year that Snow White and the Seven Dwarves debuted at the Carthay Circle Theater (by all accounts, this is coincidental, though).  The car itself serves as a regal relic of that bygone era that permeates the story of Buena Vista Street.  And it's a fun exercise to take photos of this gorgeous piece of American manufacturing.

The Packard is a representation of Dick Tracy's vehicle.
The hood ornament recalls the elegance of a bygone era.
Another angle of the gorgeous hood ornament.
A close-up at the left head light.  They don't make cars like this anymore.
The license plate doesn't happen to represent anything. This is literally a real car the Imagineers found.
Packard brand ended in 1959.
A pristine whitewall tire. Luigi might be proud!
The sleek lines of the front grill.
This car belies the romanticism of the 1930s... before the Great Depression, of course.
Sharp-eared guests might even notice a murder mystery playing on the radio from the speakers overhead in Oswald's Filling Station, to go along with the Dick Tracy theme!
Special thanks to Austen from Disney Park Secrets with help on some of the little fun facts related to this iconic piece of Buena Vista Street theming!


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