Golden over Radiator Springs

Although my preferred entrance into Cars Land is via the archway off of Pacific Wharf, the entry from A Bug's Land is no slouch either, particular during the afternoons when the sun is setting, bathing everything in a warm and invigorating radiance.  From here, the feeling of the expansive west captures the imagination through forced perspective.  Shrubs in the foreground, Luigi's Flying Tires in the midground, and that fabulous Cadillac Range looming in the back, the effect makes this seem much bigger than it really is.  So even though the photo below doesn't particularly focus on anything, I like the atmosphere it conveys.  It's a rugged but romantic ambiance from the cutest little town in Carburetor County!

Golden hour at Cars Land is a marvelous sight no matter where one gazes.


  1. Guy, I love yout pics, but I also like your texts - great! :-)


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