Headless Hattie

It took me a few rides on the Haunted Mansion, but I finally got a few good action photos of the Hatbox Ghost actually vanishing his head.  The previous four times I rode the attraction, the effect would always occur several seconds after I had passed in front of the figure, making photographing the effect rather difficult and yielding unsatisfying results. But last night, good fortune favored my side, and I was able to capture the sequence of the effect over two rides!  Check out the photos below for an idea of how this works.

Sinister, gloating, and just a bit mischievous--the Hatbox Ghost is not a typical ghost in the Haunted Mansion!

A relatively sharp capture, though the composition could be better.
Then his head vanishes!
What's this? The Hatbox Ghost's head reappears inside the hatbox??

After seemingly gloating a bit, the Hatbox Ghost's head vanishes a second time, reappearing normally and attached to his neck.


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