Grizzly Peak Airfield

After several months of refurbishment, the Grizzly Peak Airfield area finally opened in time for the 60th anniversary celebrations.  This replacement for Condor Flats expands the rustic Grizzly Peak ambiance and brings new trees, new shade, and new color palettes to this aviation-themed land.  The results have been great. I've always enjoyed the wilderness feel of Grizzly Peak, and overlaying that onto the former Condor Flats has made it a lot more photogenic!  Here are a few photos taken during the 24-hr day to show off a bit of what's debuted.

Soarin' has received a nifty new sign.

A new period-appropriate propeller plane sits next to a new mural over where Condor Flats used to merge into Grizzly Peak.

Looking back toward Buena Vista Street.  You'll recognize familiar elements.

Taste Pilot's Grill is now Smokejumpers Grill, dedicated to the forest fire fighters who risk their lives to tackle conflagrations in the wilderness.

The sign into Grizzly Peak is subtle and understated.


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