Onward to Adventure

If you're a fan of Tarzan's Treehouse (formerly the Swiss Family Robison Treehouse) at Disneyland, then you'd be in heaven at Adventureland in Disneyland Paris.  There, a large portion of the area is taken up by Adventure Isle, a huge outdoor playground and exploration area with mysterious caverns, bridges, elevated perches, and plenty of greenery all around. 

This makes Disneyland Paris' Adventureland unique among all the Magic Kingdoms, as no other park has such a widespread area devoted to pedestrian fun.  And while you might think that all this area in place of an actual attraction may be boring, I find it to be very fun, and both times I've been to the park, the enthusiasm of the guests running around seem to support this.  It's just a lovely area borne of the spirit of adventure.  There's an innocent charm to following what may be found just across the river, or at the top of the tree, or deep inside a cave.  Certainly, Adventure Isle is aptly named.

A fun rope bridge leads to another part of Adventure Isle.


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