Sindbad's Storybook Voyage

A seemingly hidden gem at Tokyo Disney Sea is a dark ride that combines the adventure and excitement of Pirates of the Caribbean with the charm and cuteness of It's a Small World.  Located at the back corner in the Arabian Coast area of the park, Sindbad's Storybook Voyage tells the adventures of Sindbad and his adorable loyal pet tiger, Chandu.  It's a stunning ride, complete with a ridiculously addictive earworm of a theme song, "Compass to Your Heart," composed by the legendary Alan Menken.  Impressively fluid audio-animatronics, sweeping scenes, and dramatic lighting provide a great 15+ minute journey that usually has relatively low wait--one of the few attractions in the park with a relatively short queue.

Here are some scenes from throughout the adventure.

Sindbad and his tiger, Chandu, prepare to set off on their journey.

The entire village is present to send them off.
They make great fanfare in bidding Sindbad safe travels.
This is a great scene where animatronics puppet small marionettes projected toward a screen.

Away Sindbad and Chandu go!

They encounter mysterious mermaids who beckon and allure.
They also make their first encounter with their primary antagonists, a band of plunderers, scene here trying to steal eggs of the legendary Rukh bird.
In another encounter, Chandu helps subdue a pirate while Sindbad frees a trapped giant that was guarding great treasure.
Chandu is ridiculously cute.
The buccaneers find themselves wrapped up.
The giant sings a grand song in gratitude.
Sindbad receives the giant's treasure in return for saving him.
Next, Sindbad visits a distant kingdom.
It seems he has sailed to India, or somewhere thereabouts.
The king has a problem.
His lands have been overrun by monkeys!
Sindbad is able to make peace, however, and everyone becomes friends.
Chandu ends up with piles of delicious bananas.
Sindbad sets off back home and is picked up by a friendly whale.
The whale transports Sindbad and Chandu back home through rough waters.
When he returns, Sindbad's village is there to give him a grand welcome.
Sindbad and Chandu have returned with great riches and many stories!
This calls for a grand celebration.
What an adventure it's been!  Finally, they can rest (Chandu at least).


  1. I couldn't get that song out of my head either.

    It amazes me that this ride even exists. How it didn't wind up Aladdin's voyage, I'll never know.

  2. Without a doubt this is one of the finest attractions at any Disney park in the world. Sinbad's Storybook Voyage is a hidden gem. Every aspect is superbly executed...and that song, I couldn't stop hearing it either. The various figures have amazing personalities and are reminiscient of the work of legendary puppeteer Bill Baird. This is one ride not to miss.


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