Westernland Holidays

At Tokyo Disneyland, holiday decorations extend more than just through the entrance area.  The festive spirit of Christmas makes its presence felt in multiple areas of the park.  Among the most rustic, however, is over in Westernland, where holly and garland line the Old West facades, and holiday charm feels rugged yet inviting and homey.  The decorations of the season are simple and lovely, and it's great wandering through and just taking in the ambiance.

Guests hustle and bustle by Town Hall and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

The scene is slightly quieter over by Western Wear, but mostly because everyone is lined up along the parade route.
Dramatic clouds push overhead.

The area over by Hungry Bear is especially festive.

This might be due to the charming ambiance already.

But it's quite lovely.

Outside the Country Bear Theater, which is home to a Christmas version of the Country Bear Jamboree during this time of the year.

Zooming out a bit.

Over to the Diamond Jamboree, which unfortunately remains frequently unused.

Waiting for the next parade in Westernland.


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