Dapper Day Spring 2017: Solo Artists

If you haven't figured it out by now, I've been breaking down my Dapper Day Spring 2017 coverage into categories.  Technically, I've been somewhat arbitrary--differentiating between Disneybounding and regular dapper dress-up and also organizing by number of people in photo.  So we come now to one... photos of people I encountered one on one.  They may have been on their way to meet friends or just temporarily on an excursion, but they were by themselves when I saw them.  But that doesn't make them any less fabulous!  Take a gander...

I've actually seen this Captain Jack fan around the parks dressed up as the part of the famous pirate...
...but I was shocked to see him fancied up as Dapper Jack Sparrow!
I ran into Phyllis Herman at Disneyland Park also.
This gorgeous Cruella de Vil certainly made villainy a little more glamorous.
Amber Skies Disneybound as literally the concept of Painting The Roses Red!
She was adorable as always.
Disneyland Mermaid rocked her own groovy 60s floral dress outfit.
Holland Tayloe Gedney was a regal European Pocahontas (from the sequel).
Finally, here's another Disneybound tribute to the Tower of Terror.
Standing next to the last vestige of the Hollywood Tower Hotel left!
That does it for this season's round of Dapper Day photos.  Check out updates from yesterday, Wednesday, and Tuesday for more photos.  I also posted vertically oriented photos (since I have a general rule of mostly posting landscape orientation here) over on Westcoaster.  Thanks to everyone who let me take photos of them.  You were all beautiful!


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