A Diamond Winter Castle

Today offers a bit of a #FlashbackFriday, as we look at a classic and beloved holiday scene at Disneyland--but from back a couple of years ago, when it intersected a classic anniversary celebration.  The Sleeping Beauty Winter Castle was less decked out than usual, retaining most of its 60th Anniversary banners, bunting, and glistening castle tops.  But it was still a lovely sight, especially with the spotlights beyond illuminating the night sky.  Those were late nights getting shots like this, since guests tended to stick around well past park closing to get photos of themselves in front of the castle too--all the way until park sweeping time.  Fortunately, a Disney park fan photographer's will to get that crisp, empty-park photo is much more enduring than that of a regular guest, so we photogs prevailed.  Stay late or not, we got our silent night scenes!

Looking back at the 60th Anniversary winter castle.


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