The Spectacular Waterfront

When I say that one can stand anywhere in Tokyo Disney Sea and point a camera in any direction and come up with a beautiful shot, I mean it.  There are so many gorgeous views in the park, and the hyper-realism of this Sea of Dreams creates such an incredibly immersive environment. 

Take this scene along the American Waterfront, for instance.  This port of call combines aesthetics from New England, New York, and San Francisco into a romanticized version of famous American coastlines, and the detail is utterly stunning.  When one looks across the water, the scene doesn't look like a theme park recreating a local. It looks like an actual locale.  From the architecture to the seascape to fantastical elements like a steamship docked to serve essentially as theming, the scale and scope is highly impressive.  And it doesn't get old.  These vistas whisk guests away to faraway destinations, and they provide a feeling of bliss.


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