Tri-Reflection of the Season

When I visited Shanghai Disneyland last year near this time, I didn't really expect Christmas decorations.  I guess I thought that since western culture has heavily commodified the holiday, a geopolitical influences would dissuade the same sort of traditional Christmas decorations at this new Chinese park that the other Disney parks had.  But my worries were just meaningless concerns, because to my pleasant surprise, Shanghai Disneyland did have holiday decorations--primarily centered around Mickey Avenue and the Gardens of Imagination, and they added some nice charm to the experience!

One of my favorite scenes was this triple reflection within the Gardens of Imagination, Shanghai Disneyland's hub-as-themed-land.  With two prominent park attractions sandwiching a towering Christmas tree in front of one of the garden waterways, the scene was a mixture of holiday festivity and park grandeur.  And it didn't hurt that this was one of the few beautiful, blue sky moments I enjoyed at the park during my visit either!

Right to left, the Fantasia Carousel, a soaring Christmas tree, and the Enchanted Storybook Castle form quite a festive skyline during the holidays at Shanghai Disneyland.


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