Tokyo's Toontown Christmas

If you've ever wondered how Mickey Mouse and friends celebrate the holidays, venturing to Toontown during Christmas time offers a pretty good look.  This works in Anaheim or in Tokyo, but today, we're focusing on the Japanese iteration, which is a mirror of the original, just with much more frequent upkeep, maintenance, and repainting.

Here, we see that there is plenty of tinsel and garland and Christmas ornaments dressing the buildings in the neighborhood.  They take on a decidedly colorful flair, and while the decorations don't drap every inch of the area, there is enough to lend some nice noel charm.  Though the architecture of Toontown is cartoonishly over the top, the Christmas theming actually isn't too much so.  I guess it can't really compete with the buildings, so it's better to complement them instead, for happy, harmonious holidays!


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