Docked at the Waterfront

When I joke that Tokyo Disney Sea is so crazy that they built a freaking cruise ship just for theming, I'm not really joking.  They actually did--a scaled down version, technically, but one whose perspective makes it pretty darn convincing!  The S.S. Columbia, situated just past Hotel Hightower in the American Waterfront, calls to mind iconic ocean liners like the Titanic and the Queen Mary (fitting, since the original plans of the park that would eventually become Tokyo Disney Sea were based around a Long Beach Disney expansion).  The ship is a magnificent backdrop for turn of the century port town, America.

Of course, it's not literally only theming.  The Teddy Roosevelt Lounge is located on the third level, and Turtle Talk with Crush occupies the lower floor inside the ship.  So there is attraction space.  But visually, it is theming, and quite a spectacular structure for it!

The S.S. Columbia is majestic along Tokyo Disney Sea's American Waterfront.


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