The Lucky Nugget

Throughout the Disney Magic Kingdoms of the world, there are many recurring visages that serve the same gist, just under a different name.  For example, five of the six Disney Magic Kingdoms have a Haunted Mansion of some sort, and four have a Small World.  Autopia recurs frequently, as does some form of a "cups" spinning ride.  And of course, all six Disneylands around the world have a central iconic castle.  But there are also lesser profile shared facades, and the Frontierland saloon is one of them.  The original is the Golden Horseshoe, at Disneyland.  But at Walt Disney World, there's the Diamond Horseshoe (what oneupsmanship!), and Tokyo Disneyland has a Diamond Horseshoe as well.  This brings us to Disneyland Paris, and it's version, the Lucky Nugget.  A part entertainment venue and part quick serve, this nod to the Old West saloons is elegant and stately like the rest of them, and it looks serenely regal at night too!

The Lucky Nugget is Disneyland Paris' version of the Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland Park.


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