Brer Rabbit's Well

I found this old photo I took around Critter Country, when I was scrounging around, looking for a snap I could edit quickly.  I don't think I've ever posted it, though with nearly 2500 posts under this blog's belt, it's sometimes hard to remember if a photo is a repeat or not.  In any case, this is one of the many little details in Critter Country that I feel are often underappreciated, because most people who go there stand in line for Splash Mountain, or walk by points like this on their way to another attraction.  But this little well is a tucked away bit of theming that reinforces the rustic and innocent nature of Brer Rabbit's setting, and his spirit of adventure to break the norms and go out exploring.  Sure, the briar patch offers safety and familiarity, but where's the interesting in that?

Brer Rabbit set out to find his Laughing Place outside of Splash Mountain.


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