Holiday Focus on Main Street

It's fun to bring a telephoto lens to Disneyland Park and see just how much detail and breadth of scene can be captured despite a limited "width".  Of course, if you stand far enough from something, the entire scene can still be capture.  And with the compressed perspective of a telephoto lens, one can create interesting compositions that add interest and texture throughout a photo by honing in on a subject and surrounding it with a blurred or bokeh-filled frame, or vice versa.  and when it's a crowded evening where a wide angle would capture the commotion of a slew of guests strolling up and down Main Street, a telephoto is create for focusing on individual subjects. 

Here are a few shows from this past weekend, when I wanted to get pretty nighttime shots of Christmas at Disneyland but didn't want to wait until everyone cleared out after park closing to do so.


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