After Hours at Plaza Gardens

My last trip to Disneyland Paris wasn't necessarily the most successful trip.  I had hardly any photos of Adventureland, and three rides breaking down in the day caused enough of a combined delay that I didn't even get to visit large swaths of Fantasyland.  Plus, I didn't have a nice spot for the Disney Illuminations spectacular at closing.  However, once after hours hit, my fortune took a turn upwards.  With a myriad of security personnel giving me plenty of time and space to do some nighttime, empty park photography (and being plenty nice while doing so!), I was able to get a fair amount of lovely night shots from the castle back down through Main Street.  This peaceful view of the Plaza Gardens Resturant is one of my favorites, just for the gleaming tranquility it imparts!

The beautiful Plaza Gardens at Disneyland Paris strikes an elegant and magnificent sight at night.


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