Canaletto Dreaming

There are many parts of Tokyo Disney Sea that leave me in awe, but one of the most amazing parts is the little bit of Venice that's tucked away on the side of Mediterranean Harbor, easily overlooked by guests rushing toward American Waterfront and its medley of hit attractions (Big Band Beat, Toy Story Mania, or Tower of Terror).  But skip the canals of Mediterranean Harbor at your own loss!  This beautifully evocative and romantic section brings the charming city of Venice to life through gorgeous Venetian architecture, scenic waterways, and actual gondola boats that guests can board!  I really feel like the designers have recreated the famed Italian city almost even better than the real thing.  Or at least when I'm there, I feel very much like I'm in the island city!

A beautiful day on the Venice canals--except this is actually Tokyo.


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