The First Order Will See You Now

The docking bay of the mighty Star Destroyer that volunteer Resistance agents on board Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance get swept into is impressive and intimidating enough by itself, but it's practically tame compared to the First Order officers who greet (that word seems too friendly) everyone when the doors to the Resistance transport open.  With condescending eyes and a snarl to their voices, they order everyone out and to the left.  They make sure to add patronizing remarks, especially to stragglers.  Never breaking their sour tone, they make sure each and every person is off to their fate.

It's a far cry from what most guests would expect out of a Disney attraction, but this isn't just a Disney attraction.  It's an immersive, storytelling experience where guests are in the middle of the action and active players.  And what a story it is!

A stern First Order officer sees captured Resistance agents to their interrogation.


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