Freeing the Giant

Sindbad's Storybook Voyage is a retooling of an original attraction at Tokyo Disney Sea called Sindbad's Seven Voyages, which originally features a darker, more dramatic adventure tone.  When this was shown to be unpopular with guests, the ride was reimagined as a lighter-hearted, kid-friendly, whimsical affair, focusing more on Sindbad's good deeds and introducing an adorable pet tiger, Chandu.

One of several scenes that changed moods dramatically involves a giant who is locked in a cell facing a chamber of gems and treasure.  Originally, the giant watched Sindbad enviously as he had fun with his crewmates, then attacked them and tried to harm them.  In the revised version, the giant is much less villainous and more victim, imprisoned in the first scene guests encounter him and then playing a large stringed instrument and singing his thanks in the next after Sindbad frees him.  He's one of several examples where Sindbad demonstrates that acts of selflessness are much more rewarding than simply selfishly hunting for riches.

How does this relate to Halloween?  Well, it probably doesn't much--maybe marginally.  There is a giant, who looks like a massive ogre.  And the original version of the ride carried a much darker feel.  So that sort of counts... right?  If not, well, I'll never apologize for posting about one of the hidden treats of Tokyo Disney Sea--a top caliber ride that rarely has a long line, on account of its back corner location in the park and highy efficient capacity!

Sindbad frees a friendly giant imprisoned in a room full of treasure.  But the greatest treasure is the act of kindness our protagonist performs for the intimidating-looking creature.


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