Lady Medusa

In the continuing spirit of the Halloween season, even when I'm not posting old photos from the Disneyland Resort during Halloween Time, I'm still trying to find photos from other Disney parks around the world that have some sort of spooky or spirited or sinister tie-in to relate to the holiday.  That can extended to attractions with fearsome creatures or "scary" monsters, and at Hong Kong Disneyland, Mystic Manor offers plenty of supernatural activity that can work for the theme.

In one of the rooms of this amazing attraction guests pass by a series of Greek artifacts ranging from animated portraits to ceramicware.  But the coolest effect comes last, as guests pass a mosaic tile piece showing a beautiful young woman.  Suddenly, without warning, the lighting changes, and this maiden is revealed to be a fearsome monster--Medusa in the flesh, complete with serpentine tresses.  It's a quick startle effect and close to the most intense Disney gets with active scares, but it's a fantastic moment and one of many magical and fantastic scenes within Lord Henry Mystic's abode. 

Medusa as a lady.

Medusa as a snake lady!


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