Venice in Japan II

One of the greatest regrets of Southern Californian Disney fans is that the city of Long Beach never went ahead with the proposed "Disney Sea" theme park concept that would have made its home over by downtown, cradling Rainbow Harbor, just a literal stone's throw from the Queen Mary.  How incredible would it have had a park of the caliber of what was eventually built in Japan, with incredible detail and transportive atmosphere that convincingly relocated guests to exotic locales around the real and imaginary world?  Well, to be fair, Tokyo Disney Sea is stunning because it has the Oriental Land Company demanding utmost quality and willing to pay for it--something that might not be quite as rigorous in the bottom-line-dominated United States.  But it's still nice to dream what could have been.  Imagine if this rendition of Venice could have been in Long Beach instead.  Oh, what could have been...

A beautiful day in Venice, Tokyo.


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