Videopolis Plaza

This might be the start of a new triplet of posts, but heck, lets keep with the Tomorrowland theme but fly over to Disneyland Paris, where their Tomorrowland is actually called Discoveryland and is modeled on a Jules Verne-inspired retro-futuristic Tomorrowland that never was.  As a result, it's never actually outdated, because it mixes in elements of sci-fi fantasy, with odes to Tomorrowlands before it thrown in for good measure.  One of the most overt examples is the Videopolis cafe that functions as a quick serve.  It's named after the previous name of the Fantasyland Theatre at Disneyland California, and it even features entertainment inside.  But in Paris, it's repackaged as the home of a large dirigible parked and not in flight--part of a variety of visual representation of transportation that are littered throughout this land.  It's a nice tribute and an impressive structure in its own right, and it's part of a fantastic setting!

Guests enjoy an afternoon outside of the Videopolis dining establishment at Disneyland Paris.


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