Wandering Phantom Canyon

After meandering through dark and morose scenes within a cursed mansion, Phantom Manor hits its climax when the spectacular Disneyland Paris E-Ticket exits the house and heads out into Phantom Canyon, the French iteration of the graveyard scene in the traditional Haunted Mansion rides in Anaheim, Orlando, and Tokyo.  This ghostly western town has a more light-hearted feel--still a bit sinister, but in an almost fun manner.  Various characters engage in visual gags and spirited energy, and the scenes are more vibrant than in much of the rest of the park--even as they remain sufficiently dark and challenging for a camera to photograph.  The few in this batch managed to be not so bad, though, so I'm sharing them in this post.  Plus, I'm reminded of the rollicking haunts that pervade this gully, keeping things a little whimsical--at least until the Phantom reappears at the end of the ride!

The nearly decapitated mayor welcomes guests to Phantom Canyon.

A general store and bank scene lies on the opposite side.

A pharmacist brews up interesting concoctions at the apothecary.

Revelry and music are had at the saloon.

And some potables too!

However, the shadow of the Phantom is ever-present, even "outside" the manor!


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