Entering the Fortress

Tokyo Disney Sea doesn't have a castle, but it does have a fort... a very elaborate, beautifully designed fortress with plenty of Rennaissance architectural gestures and a refinement that approaches that of a castle.  It's called Fortress Explorations, and it's situated on the Mysterious Island side of Mediterranean Harbor, across the bay from the entrance of the park.  And this grand, sprawling complex is nothing more than an exploration playground geared primarily for kids--a glorified Tom Sawyer Island, in a way.  There's also a nice restaurant, Magellan's, located within the complex, as well as the evidence of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers lying around, waiting to be found by sharp-eyed guests.  All of this--for an area that doesn't even have an actual theme park ride--is just another sign of how Tokyo Disney Sea is the most beautiful, and arguably most amazing theme park in the world!

An arched entranceway into Fortress Explorations at night.


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