Adventureland Glimpses

Disneyland is such a beautiful, atmospheric, and enveloping space that it's natural to want to photograph wide scenes to capture as much space as possible and impart what walking through the park is like.  But lately, I've been challenging myself to use my telephoto lens more to capture and frame things more concertedly and provide more depth and layers to my compositions.  While wide-angle photos are pretty cool, they often fail to impart the richness of various park areas because everything is equally highlighted, and a subject may not specifically stand out.  Switching to a more telephoto view forces me to pick out subjects and pay more attention to my lens settings and my physical positioning, since I have pick my spots more deliberately farther away from my subjects.  It's a fun challenge, and here are a few results from a recent stroll through Adventureland during golden hour!

Tropical Imports may just be a stroller parking area now, but its roof is still interesting.

The Bengal Barbecue is always a popular dining hole.

It's hard to beat that afternoon sunlight filtering through the trees and falling upon the entrance to the world-famous Jungle Cruise!


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