The Glowing Castle

Today is Disneyland's 67th birthday, and as I've often done on Disneyland birthday posts, I'm featuring a photo of the icon of the park, Sleeping Beauty Castle, to celebrate the day.  The castle at Disneyland has got to be the most photographed scene in the entire park, serving as a backdrop through the day and long into the night, including after the operating day has ended.  But who can say this is a surprise?  This was Walt's castle, and it became synonymous with the entire Disney brand itself, and it's such a beautiful, striking structure that really speaks to the imaginative and far-reaching dreams that Disney represents.  Sleeping Beauty Castle in Anaheim may be the smallest Disney castle, but it holds the biggest pull in theme park lore, and even though it's well into retirement age, it's still looking as grand as ever!

The always-marvelous Sleeping Beauty Castle looking serene and lovely at night.


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