A Frightfully Fun Halloween

Happy Halloween!  In what seems like a flash, another spooky season has run its course.  Tonight is the spookiest night of them all, and with it comes all the tricks and treats of the past two months of revelry coming to a head.  Today is the day to dress up, indulge the spirits, and enjoy the highlight of the fall.  So whatever you're doing tonight and wherever you're enjoying it, have a safe and happy Halloween!

Here are some photos from the Frightfully Fun Parade at the Oogie Boogie Bash to set the festive tone of the day!

Ichabod Crane comes dashing through, pursued by the Headless Horseman.

There he goes, clutching his pumpkin head!

Then it's time for the parade to begin!

Mickey and Minnie and friends are here!

The title car.

The Mayor of Halloween Town is next.

Happy and sad.

His face rotates as he drives on by.

Next come Jack and Sally on their float.

The Hitchhiking Ghost pass through afterward.

Constance Hatchaway strikes a sinister pose.

The Haunted Mansion float is eerie and spooktacular!

Look at all the details!

The cemetery groundskeeper keeps a wary watch.

Then comes Dr. Facilier.

He has his own lush and beautiful float.

Ursula is one of several villains preceding the final float.

Here are some others.

The most lavish and spectacular float is devoted to all sorts of villains!

Here's the Evil Queen.

Maleficent is a fearsome dragon!

It's all so sinister!

Saving the best for last.

And the Cheshire Cat bids adieu.


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