Darkness Illuminated

Villains Grove is a sensational walkthrough attraction at Disney California Adventure's Oogie Boogie Bash that takes guests through the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail as it is transformed into a luminous, colorful embodiment of some of Disney's most iconic villains.  From Claude Frollo to the Queen of Hearts to Scar to Dr. Facilier and more, this walk is a beautiful and wildly popular attraction that is a can't-miss as DCA's special Halloween party.  Here is another set of photos showing the different parts of this magnificent walk! 

Entering Villains Grove.

Candles evoke the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

So does this stained glass window projection.

Thorny brine takes us to Sleeping Beauty

Things get psychedelic with Alice in Wonderland.

Which way? This way?

The Queen of Hearts makes her presence seen.

Painting the concrete red...

Over to the Shadowlands from The Lion King.

Scar says be prepared!

The rocks take on hyena patterns.

Dr. Facilier casts a spell.

The forest comes alive with lightning from The Evil Queen's wrath.

Will guests escape the effects of Snow White's villain?

Wisps from Brave signal the passing of peril.

Dawn takes guests out of Villains Grove and back into the light.


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