Jack's Ponder

On this Black Friday--a day of wild emotions for the sake of retail deals--I present another entry in my occasional series of differently-edited Disneyland photos that eschew my usual vibrant and bold style for something more temperamental-looking.  The photo below shows the Haunted Mansion Holiday during gray hour--that non-photogenic time after the sunset and before the romantic hue of blue hour sets in.  It's not usually a time to take photos, but editing my shot to be desaturated, darker in the shadows, and more drab looking creates an entirely different scene than normal, and I kind of like how it impacts the look of the shot, giving extra drama on a day that is often associated with deal-grabbing tension.

Maybe I'm just reaching with my analogies, but regardless, I hope you enjoy today's photo!

A moodier and more contrasted look at the entrance to the Haunted Mansion Holiday.


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