The Christmas Buoys in the Distance

The photo below is an angle that I--for whatever reason--never really discovered until last year.  And once I did, I couldn't believe I had missed it before, because it's such a wonderfully framed telephoto view that offers a unique angle of those whimsical and charming "Christmas tree" buoys at Pacific Wharf that I'm often looking for after photographing the same scenes so often.  I have my friend, Danny, to thank for this angle.  Though he may not have been the first to post it, his post was the first I had seen from this direction, and the resulting mix of reflections and color and top side framing by the evergreens in the foreground make for a great composition--one I'm not above borrowing! 

A semi-framed glimpse at the "Christmas tree" buoys in Pacific Wharf, from the opposite corner of Pacific Wharf.


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