The Kingdom of Hearts

I've posted variations of this view before, but not this specific photo, so I'm throwing this up as today's photo of the day to remind myself of the wondrous Fantasyland skyline at Disneyland Paris that is best enjoyed from the perch atop the Queen of Heart's castle in Alice's Curious Labyrinth.  This actual hedge maze is fun to explore and features photo moments scattered throughout the layout--both objects to take photos of and lookouts to take photos from!  In this particular scene the King of Hearts--a minor character in Alice in Wonderland--almost becomes the main character as he looks out over his domain.  Of course, it's really the Queen of Hearts' land, and she would be furious if she heard anyone representing the kingdom has her husband's, but we can pretend for this scene and just keep it a secret, right?

The King of Hearts overlooking Fantasyland Paris (and also the Queen of Hearts).


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