Faces in Radiator Screams

Without a doubt, Cars Land is one of--if not the--best IP-based lands that Disney has ever done (the only other competition, really, is Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge).  And during Halloween Time, it's even more stunning, with vibrant color and spooky vibes emanating throughout every corner during this most haunting time of the year.  "Haul-O-Ween," as the locals call it, is full of a plethora of visual puns, using car parts to create whimsical and eerie characters and portrayals that harken to the Halloween spirit.  Look every which way, and it's almost as though you're being looked at as well.  Be it the tire and cone faces lining the main drag or the eyes at the facade of the Courthouse at the end of the road, it certainly seems like there's a lot that goes bump in the night here--and I'm not just talking about speed bumps!


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