Port of San Fransokyo

One of my favorite "little" nighttime details at San Fransokyo Square is the "PORT OF SAN FRANSOKYO" signage that's mounted along the railing of the dining area at Cocina Cucamonga.  It's a bit of theming that wasn't even present on the land's opening day, but its presence adds so much extra character to an already electric themed land--especially at night.  The letters, which slowly light up one at a time across the name, lend a sort of Osaka vibe, perhaps evoking the city's similarly waterfront Dotonbori district.  The DCA ambiance is not as visually radiating as its real-life Japanese reference, but there are similarities, and the net function is that this creates a wonderful atmosphere for guests passing by and walking through!

Neon signage lights up and is reflected across the water at San Fransokyo Square!


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