Carthay Circle Dining

Last weekend, I unexpectedly had the pleasure of having lunch at the Carthay Circle Restaurant when a friend of a friend had to drop out.  I can happily report that this fine dining establishment easily ranks among the best food in the entire resort.  Consider it the DCA version of Blue Bayou--although the food may be even better, since it has been developed under the direction of Napa Rose executive chef Andrew Sutton. Here are a few pictures highlighting some delectable dishes!

Signature Fire Cracker Duck Wings.
These spicy duck wings were an item I had heard about before dining and had eagerly awaited.  Coated with a rich lathering of soy, lime, and Sriracha chili sauce, these appetizers packed a pretty good kick and are not for the faint of heart when it comes to spice tolerance.  There's fantastic crispiness to the skin as well that's absolutely joyful, and this may very well be the best item in the restaurant!

Carthay House Biscuits.
Accompanying the wings for appetizers were the house biscuits. But these weren't just any type of biscuit.  Stuffed with cheddar, bacon, and jalapeno and served with a honey apricot butter, these were savory complements to the duck wings.  The zingy cheese baked inside provided a liquid pop upon bite, and they were such a pleasure that my friend nicknamed them "God Balls."

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp.
I was able to try one of the six pictured here, courtesy of a member of our dining party.  They were absolutely delicious.  Bacon makes just about anything better, of course, but the bed of summer roasted corn, grilled zucchini, and basil salsa provided a light, refreshing almost-chowder that went quite well with the shrimp.  My only "criticism" is that this doesn't come with more shrimp--the dish is so fantastic you inevitably feel there's not enough food!

Pan Roasted Lamb Rolitini.
The rolitini was like a tasteful gourmet sausage.  The lamb was not incredibly gamey, but there was certainly a lamb-like taste to it for those with experienced palate.  Accompanying the rolitini was baby artichokes, leeks, sun-dried tomatoes, green olives, and roasted garlic cloves.  It was quite tasty!

Cavatelli Pasta with a Tuscan-Style Braised Lamb.
Finally, what I had.  Pasta!  This pasta dish was cooked al dente to true perfection, and had sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, grana padana, and some very sweet and crisp peas, all in a fantastic lamb jus.  The portion was very appropriate--enough to fill me up (given the appetizers) without filling me up overly so.

All in all, the Carthay Circle Restaurant provided a wonderful meal, and I cannot wait to return!


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