Looking to Past and Future

One month.  I've actually kept this photo blog thing going regularly for a month!  There aren't that many things I've really been able to maintain on a day-to-day basis, so this has been a pretty good start.  To those of you who've visited the site, shared links, provided comments and support, or just told me how much you enjoy the site, thank you.  I hope to continue with the photographic eye candy.  Help me out by continuing to spread the word. After all, view counts are an awfully good motivation to continue with things like this!

Looking down Cars Land's main street at night.
I've chosen this picture for today because a dual symbolism.  Radiator Springs celebrates a bygone era of small town charm and friendship.  But for Disney California Adventure, Cars Land represents the future--a park that can no longer be labeled as incomplete or an ugly duckling.  Cars Land is the culmination of the park's five year expansion and refurbishment program aimed at wiping away the negative connotations of DCA 1.0, with the promise of a future that lives up to Disney's high and immersive standards.  In the same way, I'm celebrating a month of doing this with the expectation to continue to provide many more photos.  So thanks for sharing the ride so far, but we're just getting started!


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