A Monumental Gateway

This is the 200th post here at Disney Photoblography, and to celebrate the milestone, I thought I'd take a trip back to viewpoint that kicked this whole adventure off.

There's a reason Cars Land is featured so often here.  It is the most beautiful addition to the Disneyland Resort in a very long while--some could even argue ever--and it was the impetus that pushed me to finally start doing this blog.  Everywhere throughout this gorgeous land, there are fantastic snapshots and angles and views.  But none are as spectacular as this view--the entrance to Cars Land via Pacific Wharf.

This is, in my opinion, the most impressive and spectacular view in the whole park.  Heck, in the whole Resort!  Standing here, for a moment, everything else fades away--the real world grind, the city congestion, even the rest of the Disney California Adventure--and you're transported to Monument Valley amidst incredible rockwork and a parched landscape of magnificent splendor.  It is Disney at its finest, and it never gets old for me to walk through here and simply gawk.

The stunningly spectacular entrance to Cars Land from the Pacific Wharf side.
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