Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Today, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad begins its nine month refurbishment, which will bring cosmetic and technological upgrades to the famous attraction and bring this fan favorite roller coaster back to a new condition, similar to the upgrades that have recently occurred on the Matterhorn and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!  So unfortunately, you'll have to make do with not riding this until September.

To tide you over, I present a video I've put together for this blog, showcasing the thrills and excitement of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  This is the first of what I'm nicknaming my "Point and Shoot Productions" series, so named because all video footage was taken from my Canon Powershot S95 camera, and the aim was to create a series of moving pictures to showcase various glimpses of the park from a videographic perspective. Hope you enjoy!

And here are a few photos to go along with the presentation.

Big Thunder, home to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

The gorgeous spires show off the inspiration from Bryce Canyon and the national parks of Utah.

  A runaway mine train careening down a curving drop.


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