Carthay Dining: The Third

This blog has showcased some of the eats available at the Carthay Circle Restaurant in previous posts, but downstairs, at the Carthay Circle Lounge, there is also a menu of delicious samplings that anyone can order--not just those with dining reservations on the second floor.  Here are some more visual delights to wet your palate!

A big hit among my friends are the Vietnamese Twice Cooked Beef Tacos. This fusion cuisine creation features bite-sized bits of beef cooked in a Vietnamese barbeque style.  It reminds me of when I have thịt bò nướng, with a sort of smoky, somewhat salty,  immersive, flavorful kick balanced by the sweet pineapple salsa and cilantro and mint leaves.  The portions make for a filling snack or a light meal.

Vietnamese Twice Cooked Beef Tacos.
 Available from the Kids Menu, but open for diners of all ages, is the Grilled American Cheese Sandwich, served with a delectable tomato bisque soup on the side.  This is an artsy and slightly smaller sized version of the Jolly Holiday Combo served at the Jolly Holiday Bakery across the way in Disneyland park, and it is every bit as delectable.  The grilled cheese sandwich makes an addictive complement with the soup, and just about the only flaw in this order is that it seems to be consumed too quickly! Then again, it is a kids' portion.

Grilled American Cheese Sandwich
 Also available on the Kids Menu is the Udon Noodle Bowl, a variation on a similar dish available upstairs in the Carthay Circle Restaurant.  Served in a simmering and flavorful broth, marinaded beef, snow peas, scallions, and sliced carrots, it's a fresh and delicious meal, especially on cooler days.

The Udon Noodle Bowl.
There are plenty of other items available to order, of course, and anyone is free to venture in, sit down, and sample the menu.  But for now, I'll end at these three.  Until next time...


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