Main Street Matterhorn

I have to give credit to my friend, Jake, for this angle.  Although I've probably gazed through this angle many times before, I never really registered the juxtapositions of the icons of different lands until I saw a photo he posted earlier this year (or perhaps it was last year).  So when I entered Disneyland Park during the late afternoon last month and saw the golden light cast upon Main Street and the Matterhorn, I spent several moments trying to get the right position and perspective.  I had to compress the view with a telephoto lens, but ultimately, it's the comparison that I find intriguing.  It makes no sense to see the Matterhorn from smalltown America, and it really isn't apparent except from one angle.  But this is the angle, and I think it's interesting.

The Matterhorn looms in the distance, far beyond Main Street.


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