Rainy Radiator Springs

Four months ago, when I was at the Disneyland Resort during a rain storm, I knew that I wanted this shot.  The main drag of Cars Land's Radiator Springs is already stunning and saturated at night, but with reflections on the ground, I knew that the scene could be even more spectacular.  The trick would be capturing the luminosity without going overboard exposing the neon, so like last week's post, I had to resort to some manual HDR to combine the most detailed parts of two exposures and replicate something closer to what the human eye would perceive when actually there.  Although I've been not completely satisfied with some of my Cars Land neon shots before, this ended up being a manipulated exposure that I'm largely happy with.  And hopefully, it pulls you into the scene to bring the same uplifting feeling I had when I was there photographing it!

Radiator Springs really glows in the rain!


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