The Golden Age of Hollywood

The rule of thirds is a common photographic adage that instructs the photographer to divide a scene into a tic-tac-toe grid and locate the interesting parts of the composition along the intersection of those lines.  This draws interest from the viewer, whose eyes move across to absorb more of the image rather than remain statically focused on one spot. However, like all rules, it's meant to be broken at appropriate times.  In the example below, the shot is symmetrical and looking upward, and there isn't really anything of note lined up at the third points of the picture, but the scene is still compelling, because the motion and thrust of the perspective still draw the viewer into the photograph.

It doesn't hurt that this picture was taken during golden hour either, so that soft, warm sunlight brings extra life and vitality to the buildings and sky and even the ground!

Bright, shining, golden light cascading down Hollywood Boulevard really gives that glitzy glamor to Tinseltown!


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