The Powers of Evil Imagination

It's such a powerful and incredible scene... Maleficent transforming into a fearsome dragon, laughing sinisterly as she gazes with disdain upon Mickey Mouse, and then, with a terrible roar, she roasts the air with a sizzling blast of flame, igniting the Rivers of America in a villainous firestorm.  Every time I watch, I wait for the fire breathing with great anticipation.  It's disappointing when the effect doesn't work (which it is sometime apt to do), but most of the time, the sudden burst of heat is thrilling and invigorating.  Very few Disney effects light up my inner childlike glee like this without fail. 

Is it any surprise that FANTASMIC! is my favorite Disney show of all time?

Maleficent breathes fire in the climactic scene of FANTASMIC!


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