Lit Up in Spotlights

Though Sleeping Beauty Castle has been complete in its 60th Anniversary garb for nearly a month and a half now, I have held off taking nighttime photographs.  This has mostly been due to time and impatience.  With the new lavish overlay, guests have been sticking around even later than usual to take photos in front of the castle, which means that any photographers waiting to get their perfect empty castle shot would have to wait even later than usual, well past 1:00am in some cases, to do so.

I haven't had it in my schedule to be able to wait so long--until now.  Last night, I stopped by the park to check out the newly reopened Peter Pan's Flight (more on this in a future post), and the longer I stayed, the more I decided that this would be the night I'd try for the empty castle photo.  And as good fortune would have it, I encountered both courteous security guards and guests that mostly exited earlier than usual!  As a result, I was able to unhurriedly work through several brackets of photos.  I present to you the first of those shots.

Sleeping Beauty Castle all lit up at the end of the night, with a completely empty plaza.

And the same photo in black and white.


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