Sunset Over Splash Mountain

So I've mentioned my enjoyment of the views from the top of Tarzan's Treehouse.  It's the most elevated [publicly accessible] view in the park, and it's my final spot to turn to when chasing the light at the end of golden hour.  From here, I'm afforded some great views of the Rivers of America and New Orleans Square below, but I can also get some cool silhouette shots of Splash Mountain and the icons in that corner of the park.  The photo below is once such example.  But here, I've chosen to reveal some details from the shadows, rather than cast a total silhouette. The results end up pretty interesting in my opinion, as the light upon the Mansion gives it an even more antiquated look, while Splash mountain seems even more majestic.  Such are the benefits of chasing the light.

Splash Mountain and the Haunted Mansion take on a different definition upon sunset.


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