Spotlights Over Adventure

What I love about the spotlights over Sleeping Beauty Castle that are left on after the Disneyland Forever fireworks is that they completely change the nighttime composition of the park.  Now, these beaming "lasers" of light can be seen from almost anywhere in the park, and they provide a dramatic new definition to the nighttime photos that people can get.  On this particular night, I was strolling through the west side with a couple of fellow photographers, when one of them pointed out the view.  I thought it was pretty striking, so I snapped a few shots on my telephoto lens.  Suffice to say, I'm pleased with the final frame, since it gives some nice hints of the grandeur beyond while still conveying the tight space of Adventureland, emphasizing that sense of exploration that pervades this area.

The spotlights over Sleeping Beauty Castle are visible from pretty much anywhere in Disneyland.


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